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Rating System

5 Stars: A-MA-ZING! My new obsession. You'll catch me reading this again. This is a MUST READ.

4 Stars: I really liked it! Great book. A couple things could've made me love it. I totally recommend this book.

3 Stars: It was good. It didn't put me in my feelings but I don't regret reading it. I'd probably still recommend it, depending on the person.

2 Stars: This was not really my style. There were a few parts I liked, but I feel like it didn't hit the mark. 

1 Stars: Me and this book didn't get along. There were some things I probably didn't agree with and a second or third try would not be the charm. 

Rating Systems: About

Steam Rating

Adorable Little Fairy Tale: Innocent kisses or almost kiss. Totally PG, basically princess and the frog love.

It's Getting Hot In Here: Sexual situation that would include some passionate kissing, touching, some removal of clothing, maybe even a little bump & grind with clothes. Just teasing it's reader, which should totally be a crime!

Oh My, Not There: At least one sexual situation, not explicitly written, but I think you get the gist. Someone's doing the Horizontal Tango (wiggling eye brows)

Definitely on the Naughty List: At least one sexually explicit scenes. You might need to read through one eye and keep a glass of water close by just in case (wink wink).. Mature Audiences Only

Cold Showers For Days, Scorching: At least a few sexually explicit scenes. This book is an inferno darling and I don't recommend reading near anyone, or listening to the audiobook out loud, the content could make a Nun curse.. Mature Audiences Only

Rating Systems: About
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