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Belle Morte by Bella Higgin - ARC

Updated: May 17, 2022

"My contract says I have to give you my blood, not my body, so get the fuck off me."
"People see only what they want to."
"Love makes fools of us all in the end."

The Lowdown

I received an ARC of this book from NetGalley and Wattpad Books for an honest review.

Belle Morte is one of five Vampire houses in the UK. They are treated like celebrities and pay humans to live in their beautiful mansion and be their donors. Renie's sister, June a true Vladdict, was more than happy to sign up. Five months ago June ventured into Belle Morte, and hasn't come out, and all communication with Renie stopped weeks ago. Renie is determined to do whatever it takes to find out what happened, even if that means doing the thing she absolutely despises, by going into Belle Morte as a donor. Nothing is as it seems with secrets hiding around each corner and someone trying to kill her. But her hardest task will be staying away from Edmond Dantès, the centuries old vampire. As much as she hates him there's something about him that just keeps her coming back. Her life will be changed forever.

Belle Morte has spoken. And it may never let me go.

Switches from Renie's point of view to third person view of Edmond.


The Feels

I liked the book. I like when characters develop and learn to change. I just feel like it was missing something. The writing style was a bit off. It would say Edmond, but it was written in third person rather than in first person like Renie's point of view. I would still recommend to try it out. Don't forget to check out the author.

Overall Rating: 3.5 Stars

Recommendations: Crave by Tracy Wolff

Content Warning: Swearing, Imprisonment, Murder, Violence, Sexual Harassment, Death, Animal Death, Assault, LGBT, Alcohol Use

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