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Daughter of the Drowned Empire (Drowned Empire #1) by Frankie Diane Mallis - ARC

Updated: Jul 15, 2022

"I have two arms, two legs. My feet can run, my muscles will build stamina. My hands can learn to hold a sword, and my arms will strengthen to withstand its weight."

"A gryphon does not shed tear when it's called a seraphim. It knows what it is. Only a seraphim in the mask of a gryphon would be upset -- for their truth has been revealed. Never show offense, or you reveal your truth to your enemies. Control what they see, and you control what they think."

The Lowdown

I received an ARC of this book from the author, Frankie Diane Mallis and BookSprout for an honest review.

The book is about Lady Lyriana Batavia, third in line to the Seat of Power in Bamaria. Bamaria falls under the rule of the Lumerian Empire, survivors of a war whose island sank in the Drowning. All Lumerians submit to the Emperor and he decides what magic is practiced and what is forbidden. Those who are found in possession of a vorakh, forbidden magic, will pay with there lives, just as Lyr's cousin, Jules did. Now that Lyr's own sisters both have been found to be vorakh, she will do whatever it takes to protect their secret.

Now it's Lyriana's turn for her Revelation Ceremony and the only hope she has is that fate doesn't follow the same pattern and she's not the third of her sisters, but when something unexpected happens, she's imprisoned. With possible exile in her future her only option is to accept a deadly contract from the Imperator, train as a soturion for the next seven months with no magic. She has no choice but to accept if she wants to stay with her family. Downside, the man to train her is the very handsome Lord Rhyan Hart, her first love. An amazing warrior in exile from his own Ka, seeking sanctuary in Bamaria.

With a group of rebels after her family, the emperor's army occupying her country, a boyfriend she can't trust, and forbidden feelings increasing for Rhyan, everyone and everything she loves is at risk. Only one thing left to do, survive.

Written from Lyr's POV, first person.


The Feels

I really liked the book. The storyline and background was very detailed and creating a language is some serious hard work. I had trouble understanding a couple things but it doesn't stop one from enjoying the book. The only issue I had with the book was just the character development of Lyr. I wished she would've changed sooner rather than the end of the book or understood her situation instead of avoiding it like the plague. I can't wait for more of the story. More about Rhyan and his backstory, the Afeyan, the Emperor, and definitely about Auriel and Asherah! Don't forget to check out the author and her upcoming books!!

Overall Rating: 4.0 Stars

Recommendations: Guardian of the Drowned Empire by Frankie Diane Mallis, Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard

Content Warning: Swearing, Violence, Murder, Sexual Situations, Bullying, Imprisonment, Drug Use, Alcohol Use

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