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Dear Love, I Hate You (Easton High #1) by Eliah Greenwood

Updated: Aug 20, 2022

"Dear Ms. Callahan... You're an asshole. - L"

"Once upon a time, I had a dream the boy with the pretty blue eyes chose the nerd over the cheerleader... Then I woke up."

"You see, whenever you tell me I hate you from now on, it'll mean the opposite."

The Lowdown

It all starts with Aveena leaving a little hate-letter in a book anonymously to her teacher. She didn't expect anyone to read it, let alone write back. Unfortunately for her, someone did find it and he wrote back. What started off as trading insults, turned into trading their darkest secrets, and they only had two rules; neither of them try to find out who the other is and the confessions never, ever see the light of day.

Everything was going well until Vee stumbles upon her secret pen pal's identity... He is none other than Xavier Emery, the unspoken king of her town, basketball extraordinaire, her childhood bully, and just to top it off she's falling in love with him. It's not that bad, even if he does find out who she is, it's not like he'll love her back, right??

Written from Vee & Xavier's POV, first person.


The Feels

Hot, hot, hot!!! The passion is just off the charts. The notes are the most genius thing ever. I almost died laughing at the first couple of notes Vee wrote to Zac. I love banter! This book was really put together. The characters have a deep backgrounds and it brought everything together. I think the author really put in the effort. If you're looking for something hot, funny, and you like emotional rollercoasters, grab yourself a copy. Pop down and check out the author's website.


Some quotes I like:

"This is so not going to end well."
"Low blow, Life, low blow."
"Go fuck yourself with a cactus, good sir."


Overall Rating: 5.0 Stars

Recommendations: Dear Heart, I Hate You by Eliah Greenwood

Content Warning: Swearing, Sexually Explicit Scenes, Violence, Sexual Assault, Suicide, Bullying, Blackmail, Drug Use, Alcohol Use, Molestation (consensual between student and school staff)

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