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INFERNO (Book #1) by Arricka Sanders - ARC

Updated: May 17, 2022

"Sariyah, you have to leave! Please go! They'll be coming for you next! You need to go!"
"Follow me and find the answers that you seek, beware my dears, what you may find, may be sickly and not too sweet."
"There was peace for a very long time. There even came a time when the werewolves and shifters came together as the Alphas from each were tied together in matrimony. It should have been the beginning of a prosperous time for each group, but it soon became--The Beginning of the End."

The Lowdown

I received an ARC of this book from NetGalley and the author, Arricka Sanders, for an honest review.

Sariyah Devereaux is Princess of Alexandria, and a werewolf. Besides her parents having died when she was nine, her life was basically perfect. She had a beautiful boyfriend turned fiancé, two great best friends, and she still had her Aunt Charlotte, her only family, and Queen Regent. That is until she's accused of murdering her Aunt Charlotte. With her two bestfriends by her side, Maven, a vampire and the only niece of the reigning King and Alek, a powerful warlock descended from those who created the veil between them and the humans, Sariyah decides the only way to clear her name is to run away and find the one who actually killed her Aunt. If only it were that simple. Not when the Royal Guard and their Captain, Sai's ex-boyfriend, is hunting them down. She'll do whatever it takes to find them, but in order to do that she'll need to go to places she's never gone before and ask questions she never knew she needed answers to. But not all answers lead to a resolution, some just lead to more to questions. And when secrets come to light and prophecies are revealed, there will be no where left for her to run.

Written in Sai's POV, first person as well as third person.


The Feels

I actually liked the book. It's different from many of the others I've read. This is a life isn't all roses and sunshine kind of book. I love the action and the backstories of the other characters. It was enjoyable and the twists were great! I look forward to Book 2. The only issue I had with the story was that it went a little fast since its a shorter book, the second is even though it looks like it's from different POV's it's Sai's version that is in first person every other part speaks in the third person. Other than that I do recommend the book because it's a good story. Don't forget to check out the author.

Overall Rating: 4.0 Stars

Recommendations: Belle Morte by Bella Higgin

Content Warning: Swearing, Violence, Murder (also involves children), Assault, Sexual Situations, Death, Imprisonment

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