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Taken (The Coldest Fae #1) by Katerina Martinez

Updated: Aug 17, 2022

The Lowdown

This book is about Dahlia, a young seamstress of human and magical items, living with

her three adopted mothers in London and her secret best friend, Gullie, a fairy. One day Fae soldiers break into her home, kidnap her and whisk her away to the Winter Court where is she is to compete with other young ladies in a series of dangerous trials for the chance to marry the fae prince, Cillian. Unfortunately this is a fae only competition, no humans allowed, and if they found out nothing good can come of it.

The book is told from Dahlia's point of view, first.


The Feels

Great ya fantasy romance book. It felt a little slow at first, but it kept me interested. It didn't give up much in this book but I still look forward to reading the others to know what's actually going to happen. A serious need really.

If you're a fan of The Selection and like a little danger and magic this a great book for you. Don't forget to check out her website for her upcoming books. Check out the second book below.

Overall Rating: 4.0 Stars

Recommendations: Stolen by Katerina Martinez

Content Warning: Swearing, Violence, Kidnapping, Alcohol Use, Classism

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